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Welcoming the Dawn of a More Service-oriented B2B Marketplace

Date: 2012-09-25

HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 25, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Weiku and other B2B platforms are working to keep up with the changing demands of their users. Some platforms have happened upon hard times but this period of time holds hope and opportunity for others. The slow economy has as expected affected many B2B platforms resulting in layoffs, but for others this period of change represents the dawn of a more service-oriented B2B marketplace.

B2B's opportunities and challenges

Through about 10 years of development, the Internet's wide popularity has allowed overseas buyers to easily obtain product supply information. And so, their dependence on individual B2B platforms is declining. What's more, the information "explosion" associated with the internet has made it more difficult for buyers to distinguish high quality suppliers from those that offer lower quality products. Thus, it's a great opportunity for B2B platforms to enhance supplier quality by changing from a single information exchange market to one that provides a more comprehensive service.

B2B service transformation

B2B platforms that have been able to maintain their outstanding performance during this challenging time have focused on meeting the changing needs of consumers. Take WeiKu.com for example, it provides quality suppliers with customized network marketing services, called "WeiKu ExportPass", based on thorough analysis of supplier enterprises, products and rivals, etc. The customized SEM (search engine marketing) plan is comprised of such services as Golden Showroom, Golden Ranking, brand promotion, BBS and blog marketing, etc. Breaking through the traditional B2B business mode of emphasizing membership fees and information supply customers, its services are an appropriate promotion strategy that has been created to provide accurate and useful trade information. Thus, purchasing efficiency and the value of the platform to customers is enhanced.

Most traditional B2B platforms are beginning to make moves to add value for their users ranging from increasing their advertising budgets to even cooperating with B2C platforms. In short, platforms like Weiku have been adjusting their development strategies in order to meet market demand which can be seen as a positive indicator for B2B platforms everywhere.

SOURCE Hangzhou Weiku Information Technology Co. Ltd