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Curry Bread Lobster

Integrating Chinese and western cuisine, it serves crispy break slice with mince garlic together with the Chinese dish. The pure Thai curry sauce doesn't take away the savory flavor of Australian lobster. Besides, the cream sauce contained in the curry sauce make the taste of lobster meat even more delicate and creates extraordinary good flavor. The unique spicy taste of curry indistinctly stimulates your throat and taste bud nerve and will bring your amazing experience together with a bite of garlic flavor bread.

Cod Steak with Milk

It is made of deep-sea cod from Northern Pacific, which has delicate meat and be rich in various deep-sea microelements and nutrition. Simple cooking will give prominence to the original taste of the food material, thus representing the unique meat and taste of the cod. The cod meat is appropriately cut to 1.5cm thick slice. Use the mixed sauce of shallot, ginger and pepper to eliminate the fishy smell of the fish itself and fry it with butter to the best degree when the surface is gold, the cut is tender and white and the scent of cod sends out. Adding full-bodied special cream sauce will make the taste of fish meat even more delicate and tender.

Fried Fresh Scallop with XO Sauce

Eliminate the fishy smell of fresh scallop with ginger juice, coat it with corn flour and fry it to golden yellow in frying-pan. Treat the chick peas with hot oil and use the secretly made XO sauce to fry them. The fried fresh scallop has crisp surface and tender inner. Due to the delicate flavor of the fresh scallop itself, although no monosodium glutamate is added, the delicate taste is much better than monosodium glutamate and chicken essence.

Braised Frog with Pickled Pepper

Seen from the thick chili sauce and white frog, you will know that it is a classic Sichuan dish, red and hot as fire. Braised frog with pickled pepper gives prominence to the "tender" taste. Braising the frog in a hot chili sauce pot together with baby ginger, pepper and chili, the tender taste is irrepressible. To the best of this dish, the white frog meat will be separated from the bone and slip into your mouth as soon as it touches the tongue. You will not feel the colloid tenderness but not the fiber of the meat. The delicate and spicy soup will also surely make your mouth watery.