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New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhouboasts the highest skyline of all premier hotels in Hangzhou with a height of 218 meters in 47 floors.New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhouis a member of New Century Hotel Group, which is one of Top Twenty Groups of China's Hospitality Industry and the largest private-owned hotel group in China;The hotel holds complete and modern cenference facilities.3 halls which have 1000 square meters and...More>>

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  • piggybin
    Hotel location paragraph good, but business too good, to live day actually also full room, two points not to to handle staying, results room are didn't clean good, to until at three o'clock, also nothing claims, to people feel is love live not, finally in has, room a unit smoke taste, I on cigarettes allergy to of is smoke-free room, playing to rooms Department said only spray points air fresh agent, so big of hotel even smoke-free room are do, due to didn't room can for, and and friends with to of only open hasTransom blowing around outside for a while and then go live. to pool the water is so cold at night, it will come up, breakfast the next day is, and seats are needed, there is not much variety, and five stars is not quite a match.
  • lili42151
    Good, that is there are several nearby site early in the morning piling noise
  • angrybirds
    Hotel, nice swimming pool water is cold there is ice water, four seasons porch on the second floor served super slow! 80 percent said that Alipay, nothing after my full, was very much disappointed! Hotel cash back is also troublesome, clause when clause in a hurry, later found unable to cash back! Super depressing! l
  • e01163370
    Good! restaurant food is rice!
  • gexia8
    Hotel clean, floors high, and strategic location, fitness and swimming pool ... do not know whether I am asking too much of swimming pools, water is not too clean, not like I used to swim 50 meters of standard pool, people who can see 50 meters under the water, while new century, probably visibility was less than 10 meters, made recommendations to improve
  • aaronaiyi
    Highest hotel in the hotel amenities, first-class service, Xiaoshan, floor prices are moderate and the recommended
  • e01791961
    Taxi drivers at the door more stingy.
  • Winnie
    Good. swim with good facilities
  • E04852114
    Very good software and hardware OK
  • perrygaoyongjiu
    So many people feel overwhelmed and so on for a long time at the front desk to check in
  • sd6038067
    The hotel can also
  • dancy-smile
    Hotel health very good, nice, next time will come.
  • e00111931
    Quite good hotel prices are high enough, of course, also rose during the day. staff were very polite and facilities is also very good, is also recommended
  • stef_suny
    Should say nice, but hotel security is so bad, feel free to reveal room information.
  • b100586530
    That's good
  • bailing
    Very good
  • xxy57xxy
    All right
  • lan1987
    The ageing of the facility, four stars is so-so, five star not enough
  • Allen101
    OK, next! grade at that!
  • AndurilNet
    Good, the price is right.
  • InLAND
    Help colleagues, very convenient location.
  • e04012584
    Feels good, has the hotel!11111
  • laowang001
    Xiaoshan District, convenient, good hotels. a second time.
  • e01402415
    Also not far from the city center choice
  • MiniJessica
    Also good in Xiaoshan, relatively affordable prices, best hotels in Xiaoshan l
  • meistar
    Good health is very good, a very good environment and convenient transportation, especially the quiet quiet quiet! For breakfast, so, there is nothing to eat. start new century well,
  • justforfun
    Hardware did not have said breakfast was the worse, a large number of tourists snapped up, food moves too slowly, the waiter is busy clearing the table, feeling very bad!
  • Loveforjj613101
    The location was excellent, also a lot of places to eat around
  • eva888
    Xiaoshan landmarks, ask a friend, very good
  • bdl826
    Nice hotel after will live here recommended
  • bojin2010
    Which is very nice
  • V faint
    Always likes new century front desk was very nice and very patient
  • e00107447
    Very user-friendly, there are specially prepared for children slippers, daughter very happy.
  • sldlala
    All right
  • e00821010
    Accommodation in Nice, breakfast a little thin
  • Ann, welcome
    Friends on a business trip, got 3 to help book, Xiaoshan District, next to the downtown on the subway, convenience. the price of this hotel is very acceptable, new century's quality is guaranteed. easy to catch a taxi and subway, subway directly to the Lake
  • lingyinglu
    Wireless networks are too poor,
  • liangweidong
    Nice Kaiyuan group as well
  • grece
    Very good, the environment is quite good
  • ccc2076
    Which is very nice
  • LilyLin819
    Good. is the price is not cheap,
  • momo_43
    Often stay at the hotel, surrounding environment, recent high prices
  • mercury_san
    Well, to Xiaoshan lived only just want to stay at this hotel.
  • dufeng_cf
    Not recommended, to live in the same price than Radisson cheating at the front desk, giving a room below in the boiler room, night rumble, makes my blood boil
  • ablylin
    The hotel is very clean and facilities are perfect
  • tiernan
    Very good hotel, lived 2 years ago, now really much better, very polite, and make guests feel comfortable.
  • bedbug250
    Nice, clean, and comfortable living.
  • dianatan
    That's good
  • fairlady4019
  • leisure
    Distance Xiaoshan airport compared near, for to catch flight of people. not early Shang through hotel help appointment of sent machine driver attitude bad, peer of colleagues late has not to 10 minutes, and is in I on time appeared of premise Xia, driver actually requirements I dumped Xia I of colleagues first to airport, reason is he has received has second single business fear we of late will delay he follow-up of business. I travel so times, first times see driver on himself of guest proposed such of requirements. first single guestPeople haven't sent away, worried your second business, also called first business guests with. I don't know where the driver to hand this requirement. in North Guangdong, Shenzhen and other cities I've never encountered such a situation. When my colleagues, bags or 1-minute time, waiting next to 2 other drivers of booing and shouted to me faster. other languages that are not so good I will not repeat it. This experience madeMy good impression of the hotel was almost completely gone, and this had been on the good city of Hangzhou also started to produce unpleasant. In retrospect, in fact, don't have to arrange in advance to send, the hotel has had drivers lined up at the door. arrangement at the hotel did not know the driver is and hotels have been any agreement. go to in house guests will be careful next time.